Flowers for weddings, bouquets & funeral tributes

Artisan floristry in Swanage, made with love, remembrance, and celebration.

Your artisan florist in Swanage

Discover the Poetry of Flowers with Buds of Mave, where we weave nature’s finest into timeless expressions of love, remembrance, and celebration. Nestled in the heart of Swanage, our boutique floral studio is your sanctuary for handcrafted, seasonal flower arrangements that speak volumes.

Bespoke floral tributes for every chapter of life

Funerals and tributes

At Buds of Mave, we understand the delicate nature of expressing condolences. Our compassionate florists specialise in creating tasteful and meaningful funeral and tribute arrangements. Let our blooms serve as a heartfelt tribute, honouring the memories of your loved ones with grace and beauty.


Embark on your journey of love surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature. Buds of Mave offers bespoke wedding floral designs inspired by the seasons, ensuring your special day is adorned with the freshest, most enchanting blooms. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, let our floral creations elevate your wedding to a poetic masterpiece.


Seasonal splendour

Embrace the beauty of the changing seasons with our carefully curated seasonal selections. Buds of Mave ensures that your arrangements are always in harmony with nature, offering a fresh and vibrant touch to your floral experience.